Why I love personal branding photography.

Updated: Mar 24

So, if you’ve clicked on this blog, I’m guessing you may be wondering: who is this Tash woman? Why does she love branding photography so much and (this is the biggie) can I really trust her with my professional image?

They’re all fair questions, really important questions in fact, and absolutely the right ones to be asking if you’re considering investing in brand photography for your business (be it with me or any other photographer).

Who you choose to work with, particularly when it comes to capturing the essence of who you are as a businesswoman and the brand you’ve worked so hard to build, isn’t a decision you should take lightly. You have to go with someone who really sees you for the wondrous being that you are, and who wants to tell your story YOUR WAY. Not put across their own agenda.

So, back to those questions you had at the start. Who am I, why do I love branding photography so much and can you entrust your brand image to me?

This is me 👆

I’m sure you’re familiar with the expression:

“Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”

It’s one of my personal faves and I think it pretty much sums me up to a T.

I’ve ‘worked’ as a professional photographer for eight years now, and I enjoy it just as much today as when, knees knocking and palms sweating, I took on my very first professional photography assignment (a wedding in Cheltenham with over 80 guests).

The fact is photography isn’t just a vocation for me - a way to pay the bills and feed my hot chocolate addiction. I’ve always loved taking photos and I’ve always done it. It just took me a little while to realise I could make my passion - something I loved for the pure joy of it - into the thing that kept a roof over my head. It seems so obvious now, I can’t believe I didn’t realise it sooner.

But that’s the thing about dreams isn’t it? Sometimes we all just need a little nudge and a few cheerleaders (mine include my mum, sister and my husband, Will) to become the version of ourselves that makes sense. That finally feels just right (to paraphrase Goldilocks and the Three Bears).

But it’s not just my love of photography that’s made me finally stop dreading Mondays and turn into one of those annoyingly cheery morning people that most people love to hate. I also get an insane kick out of being my own boss too. From the freedom to manage my own time, and meeting new clients, to social media marketing, I find all the admin that comes with being a businesswoman just as satisfying as the clicky sound my shutter makes when I take a photo.

I think that’s why I love photographing other women business owners so much. Having been there myself, I’ve walked in the shoes of the women I photograph and I know what it’s like to take those tentative first steps to becoming the master of your own destiny (exciting, mystifying and a little bit vomit-inducing).

I’m familiar with the scrimping, the saving and the sacrifices. The late nights working on your side hustle while holding down a day job all to get where you want to be. Not the mention… the naysayers trying to put a dampener on your dream and keep you trapped in the 9-5. Man, have I have been there!

I also know that growing a business involves more than just having a great product or service. It’s about the connection you make with your customer, your ability to convert trust, and convincing people to give you a chance. Things I’ve had to overcome while building up my professional photography business too.

That’s why I love branding photography. It combines my passion for photography with love of running a business, and it brings me into contact with so many inspiring female business owners also making their way in the world.

Every shoot is different (but equally rewarding) and I love being a small part of my clients’ journeys - helping them to find their confidence in front of the camera and knowing that I’ve captured a set of images they feel proud to share with the world.

Some of you who have followed my photography journey for a while will know that, for the majority of my career, I’ve focussed on wedding photography and that my style is very real, natural and authentic. I like to capture the truth in a moment; the little details that if you blinked, right then, you’d miss.

My wedding shoots have always been a fully collaborative process. Couples choose me because they like the style I represent but every couple, like every wedding, is different, unique and special. It’s not about capturing cookie-cutter images that are staged and inauthentic. It’s about you enjoying your day and me being there to humbly record that on camera.

The same can be said for my approach to branding photography. It isn’t about my interpretation of you or capturing conventional corporate headshots. It’s about you telling me: this is who I am and this is how I want the world to see me. My role is purely to document. That’s why you’re in front of the lens, not me.

You know your clients, you know your business and you know YOU. My job is purely to make sure I do you justice. Nothing is off limits.

I offer three tiers of personal branding photography (which you can read more about here) so if you're liking the sound of who I am and what I can offer, shoot me an email, or hope over to my contact page. We can set up a time to chat (no obligation of course) about how you want to come across and what you’re looking to achieve with your branding photography.

Otherwise, thanks for reading this post! I hope you got something out of it, even if it’s just a reminder of why you love what you do so much too.

Love, as always,

Tash x