What is personal branding photography?

Updated: May 7

Whether you’re the face of your business or the behind-the-scenes superstar keeping all the moving parts moving, a personal branding shoot is a brilliant way to get your story across with professional images that reflect your personality.

Totally different from corporate headshots, personal branding photography is all about celebrating the wonderful being that is YOU.

Who is personal branding photography for?

Personal branding photography is for anyone looking to capture natural and authentic looking portrait-style lifestyle images.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a super mum holding down an evening side hustle, a successful entrepreneur, or a full time employee, personal branding photography can give you a set of photographs you feel proud to share with the world.

How is personal branding different from corporate photography?

Where do I begin???

The only thing corporate photography and branding photography have in common is that they both use a camera. Other than that the two couldn’t be more different.

Corporate headshots are usually shot against a plain and uninspiring background, showing the person in a generic pose that’s inauthentic and totally unnatural.

Branding photos are much more creative and imaginative then that!

They capture the spirit and essence of who you are, in an environment that also speaks volumes about your personality. It’s all about telling a story – YOUR story, while celebrating your individuality, uniqueness and greatness on camera.

There’s no strict template for a branding photo shoot either. It’s literally whatever you want it to be. Just because you sit in an office all day doesn’t mean that’s where we have to shoot you. Branding photography is less formulaic and more organic than that.

I’ve had clients who’ve asked to be photographed walking down the street, cooking up a storm in their kitchen or enjoying a cuppa in a coffee shop. There are no hard and fast rules for what is and isn’t right for a personal branding shoot. It just comes down to how you want to come across in your images.

Where are personal branding images used?

Well that’s entirely down to you.

The images I take are yours to do whatever you want with. You get the full usage rights so you can use them wherever and whenever you want, as many times as you want – I don’t impose any limits.

I’ll take a wide selection of shots, showing you at different angles, in different settings, closely cropped and full body, so you’ll come away with a varied bank of images to choose from - some portrait and some landscape.

Many of my clients use their images on their business website and social media channels, but there really is no end to how and where you use the photos we take.

You could update your LinkedIn profile, share them with friends and family, and/or supply them for any PR you do, such as guest blog posts and interviews with magazines and newspapers. As I said before, the images we shoot are yours and yours alone to use however and wherever you wish.

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How does a personal branding shoot work?

Well I can’t speak for other photographers but a personal branding shoot with me is a fully collaborative process. You decide what you wear, how to style your hair and make-up, and where you want to be photographed. I’m just here to offer advice and bring the technical know-how.

We’ll have a couple of chats pre-shoot and I’ll ask you to complete a short questionnaire about why you want a branding shoot and what you’re hoping to get out of it. You can also send me a Pinterest board with links to images you like too - this is your shoot, and what matters most is that you LOVE the images we capture.

I offer different branding photography packages, so how long the shoot lasts will depend on the package you choose. The quickest shoot is an hour, but you can also book me for a full or half day, which allows for location and outfit changes.

I’ll also create a shot list, pre-shoot, which I’ll bring along me on the day. This is basically a checklist of all the different images you’ve told me you’re looking for, so I can make doubly sure every photo is captured on the day.

How soon do I get my images?

Super soon!

I’ll email you a link to a password protected online gallery with your final retouched images within 2 weeks of our shoot.

From here you can download them in two different sizes - web (best for online and digital use) and high resolution (if you’re planning on printing the images).

A final note on personal branding photography…

Personal branding images are a great way to capture a set of photographs that show you for YOU in whatever way you want the world to see you.

It’s a fantastic investment if you’re someone who regularly posts images of yourself on social media, or if you need professional photographs to populate a business website.

Branding images are a much more contemporary approach to capturing personal headshots and are perfect if you’re seeking images that don’t come across as corporate, inauthentic or stuffy.

Whether you want to be seen professionally (but still with personality) or you simply want a set of images that convey who you are and what you do, there’s no better style than personal branding photography, to achieve this.

Tash x