4 ways to relax on a branding shoot

Being in front of the camera is rarely comfortable, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t naturally like the spotlight, so it’s totally normal to feel nervous ahead of a branding session (pretty much everyone does).

female business owner hiding be hind blue book

The good news? There are some tried and tested ways you CAN settle your nerves and capture those awesome images you’ve been dreaming of.

So if you are feeling the ick in the run-up to your shoot or you’re letting anxiety get in the way of booking a session, here are my top 4 tips to help you relax and realise: GIRL, YOU GOT THIS.

Get your shoot prep in order

You know that feeling when you’re on your way to an important meeting and you’re held up in traffic cursing yourself for not leaving five minutes sooner? That feeling is the equivalent of not being prepared on the day of your branding shoot. And it’s the single biggest thing that will stop you from being able to relax and just enjoy it – because it is enjoyable (you’ll see).

So, make time ahead of your shoot to get yourself ORGANISED. Figure our what you want to wear, do a trial hair and make-up test, get all your props and products out, and give the place a good tidy.

The more organised you are on the day of your shoot, the more calm and in control you’ll be. And the more calm and in control you are, the more relaxed and confident you’ll feel in front of the camera.

Listen to your FAVOURITE songs

Playlists for personal branding photoshoots

Music is so transformative and it really can have a knock-on effect on your mood. It’s a bit like when a song you LOVE starts playing on a night out with friends, all of a sudden it’s like a light has switched on and no one is keeping you from that dance floor.

This is the feeling we want to tap into on your branding shoot so make a playlist ahead of time with songs that build you up and make you feel AMAZING. It will give you so much energy and confidence that any pre-shoot jitters you might have been feeling will be kicked aside by a rush of self-assuredness. And that’s exactly the YOU, we want to capture on camera.

Don’t invite onlookers (it will only make you more self-conscious)

No matter how relaxed you are in the company of friends and family, having their presence on a photoshoot can just add to the pressure you’re already feeling. Suddenly, it’s not just me looking at you - you have an audience. And that can send your already fragile nerves into overdrive.

My advice? Keep the shoot to just the two of us. You’ll find it so much easier to relax, focus, and get the shots you need without anyone else in the room. If you have children at home you usually care for, shoot during school hours or arrange for them to go to a friend. If you work with other people, shoot on a weekend, evening, or early morning when no one else is in.

While the offer of moral support can be tempting if you’re feeling anxious, in reality, it can just fuel your nervousness even more. You’ll settle into the shoot much quicker without an extra set of eyes on you, so be brave and politely refuse the offer to tag along. I promise you won’t regret it.

Choose the right photographer

This isn’t where I give you a massive sales pitch about all the reasons you should book in for a branding shoot with me (promise). The truth is I might not be the right photographer for you - and that’s OK! I’m really not offended. Ok, maybe a little.

But SERIOUSLY, feeling comfortable with your photographer is a massive part of being able to relax and have fun on your shoot. If you don’t like your photographer or they put you on edge that’s only going to make the session feel like something unpleasant (like having to work late on a Friday), when it should feel like enjoying a cocktail after a day at the beach.

Your branding session is supposed to be an enjoyable experience and the rapport you build with your photographer will be a crucial factor in making that happen. So, go with your gut feeling, and shoot with someone who makes you feel comfortable and respected.

And that my friends is it. As tips for relaxing go, they’re all pretty achievable and I promise you if you stick to them like glue you can’t fail to come away with great pictures and a jolly nice experience.

If you want to find out more about what goes into a branding session you can drop me a line at info@natashajayphotography.co.uk