12 ways to market your business using brand photography

Updated: Mar 24

Branding photography is one of the most influential marketing assets you can leverage to grow your business AND it offers a return on your investment time and time again. Because once you have your branding shots back they’re yours to use however you like, wherever you like – whenever you like - as many times as you like!

So, a branding photography session really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Trust me, if you’re trying to get a business off the ground, engage more followers or grow your audience, branding photography is THE way to go (I don’t use these words lightly). So to help you get the most out of the images we take (and maximise their value x a trillion) I’ve put together this handy list of all the places you can use your branding photography to market your business.

1. Your business website

You often hear people say “your business website is your shop window” but it’s true! A website is the digital equivalent of walking down a high street - and what’s the point of a shop window? To grab your attention and draw you inside of course!

The same is true of your website and that’s where your branding photography comes in. Strong images that appeal to your target audience will immediate create a connection that will keep users scrolling (which encourages longer dwell times and is GREAT for SEO). Not to mention, a website needs a good balance between written copy and imagery and so your business website is one place your branding images can really add value.

2. Instagram

Instagram is gold dust for brands. You can set-up an account for FREE and build an audience of followers simply by posting photos! In terms of free advertising, it’s one of the best platforms out there BUT it relies on having professional images that stand out in users’ feeds and create a positive impression. Your branding photographs will be perfect for this, plus I’ll provide your images in a format that are already re-sized for web use.

3. Pinterest

Like Instagram, Pinterest revolves around imagery and is a great resource for driving traffic to your website and creating brand awareness. It’s also free to use, so once you have your branding photos back you can start creating Pinterest posts and push them out to the big wide world right away. Once they’re out there it’s just a case of sitting back, watching the traffic flow to your website and the orders start tumbling in.

4. E-newsletters & email marketing

Email marketing might seem old school but it’s one of the most effective ways of converting sales and encouraging click-throughs to your website. Why do you think so many big brands today still bother with it?

An email or e-newsletter takes very little time to create, but the fact it lands directly into your target customers’ inbox makes it impossible to ignore. And just think; every person who receives that email has the potential to make a booking or purchase. Not to mention, they might forward it to a friend, spreading its reach even further. Just remember to abide by all GDPR regulations when engaging in email marketing.

5. Postcards & thank you notes

Have you ever ordered something off the Internet only to open it up and see a little thank you note inside? It’s a cute touch, right? It leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling and reminds you that the sender is a real person who’s genuinely grateful for your order. Branding photos are a great way of personalising notes like these, plus you can also print promotional postcards to hand out on the street, or at markets and at events you exhibit at.

6. Business cards

A professional looking business card will go a long way to helping you stick in the minds of those you meet. Personalising yours with a shot from your branding session is a great way to stand out from the crowd and make that all-important positive first impression.

7. Sales/marketing brochures

While your website is a great place to “be found” by people searching online for a business or product like yours, it never hurts to have some tangible sales literature you can hand off to people face-to-face. Sales and marketing brochures are a great way of summarising your business in a nutshell. Your branding photography will play a key part in telling the story of your brand and bringing these materials to life.

8. Facebook

Facebook is another great platform where you can cultivate a brand following among an already captive audience. It’s especially beneficial for connecting with customers based within the vicinity of your business, which is great if you’re offering a product or service that relies on local community support and/or customer footfall.

Your branding images will help you to populate your profile page and provide something visual to accompany your updates, whenever you have something to post.

9. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is primarily a B2B (business to business) networking platform, so it’s great if your service is one that relies on commercial clients. It’s also one of the best places to demonstrate knowledge in your industry sector, gaining the respect and trust of your peers, who may share your content among their own followers and become great champions of your brand.

This kind of third party endorsement is great for building loyalty and converting customers by way of recommendation. Having strong professional brand images will only reinforce your business in the eyes of those you engage with on LinkedIn.

10. Blog posts

So here’s the thing about blogs – they’re GREAT for SEO, so if you’re not performing well in Google searches starting a blog is a brilliant way to generate more traffic and boost your search engine position. Your branding photography will give you a great bank of images you can use to populate your blog; helping to break-up the text and make each post more inviting to a reader.

11. Press releases

Getting your product or brand into a magazine or newspaper is great exposure for your business. It allows you to instantly reach thousands of potential target customers so it’s a great way to outreach and attract new business. The way to achieve this is through a press release and if you can supply some great looking brand images with your release you automatically boost your chances of your story getting picked up and featured.

12. Advertising

Whether it’s a paid banner on a website, a bus stop ad, or an advertorial in a magazine, advertising is still an effective way to reach new customers. The one thing advertising relies on above all else is a strong, engaging image that grabs peoples’ attention. This is just one area we can cover off in your branding session, ensuring that when you do get an opportunity to advertise, you’re ready to grab it with both hands.

For more information about organising a branding session with me or to see some images from previous branding shoots I’ve photographed, take a look at my portfolio page, or drop me a line at info@natashajayphotography.co.uk.

FYI, Will is my husband by the way (and also a photographer at www.tashandwill.co.uk) but he won’t be involved in the shoot. It’s a strictly girls only session!